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Listen to US House Speaker Boehner share preparations for installation of the statue of  Fredrick Douglass in the Emancipation Hall, United States Capitol, Washington, DC on Juneteenth, Wednesday, June 19, 2013.


You are invited to join our journey to document the history of journey toward freedom for people of African ancestry ( 1840 - 1865 )  

 The fierce and bloody battles to end chattel slavery throughout America, included the honorable service of United States Colored Troops from California. 

The history of Juneteenth is incomplete and meaningless without honoring all service members who paid the ultimate sacrafice, especially soldiers of African ancestry.   

Together, we will compile the historic data of California Colored Troops who await official recognition of their participation and essential contribution to our ongoing journey toward freedom.  

Stockton Juneteenth History Project

 Our expanding team will continue leading the way, presenting a more accurate and inclusive presentation of our legacy... 

Junetheenth:  A National Freedom Celebration.  






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